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[Halion] Staff Objectives


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Halion April Staff Objectives


The month of April is upon us, and so is the countdown for our Mastery! Let's push hard this month to prove what we're made of.  All staff are required to acknowledge this post via replying to this post by April 4th. Those who don't will face consequences.

Responsibilities will be tracked in 2 periods. Mid month, and end of month. If half of your responsibilities have not been completed, a private meeting will be held with Oats and I. If, by the end of the month, responsibilities have not been met without a viable reason, there is a chance you'll be demoted.




Legend Leader and Legend Manager duties discussed privately.


Team Managers:

  • Host 7 events  by the 15th of April, 15 by the 30th.
  • Mentor all new members assigned to your team.
  • Attend a Staff Training event (new TM's only).


Good luck everyone! Let's work hard and have a good month!




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