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Raffle Page - September


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Raffle Page

Welcome to the Raffle Page where we will be raffling away items each month, To enter you comment below how many tickets you would like to get and you will get a token for your AP as soon as possible. Please note that you cannot go into negative AP If you comment more than you can afford your comment will be removed.

Ticket Price:

raf2.png.d7f74343a7ec485c9df20bf838b1c4c1.png Each Ticket = 10 AP        Max 40 tickets per person/ per raffle unless you are a sub!!!

Prizes for this month:

1-  Spaced Out T-Shirt Spaced out Shirt from the Lunarix.store  shipped to you at no cost!

2- 5f1d6d739d6a54dc60cd99bb2b423b29.png 10$ gift card for your desired game (riot points/apex coins/steam/Discord Nitro)

1-ol1.pngTier 3  Divine membership to Lunarix
1-ol2.pngTier 2  Divine membership to Lunarix
1-ol3.pngTier 1  Divine membership to Lunarix

1- 100 AP 

Prizes are drawn on the first twitch stream of each month and announced in the news for that month.

Can I win more than once?

Yes, you can.

I am a Subscriber how do I get my free entries? 

They are added automatically at the end of each month, please only comment below if you wish to add more tokens from your AP

Can I refund my token?

No, once you have commented below, you have committed to joining the raffle. 

How do I get AP? 

Currently the best way to gain AP is to go to events or become a Divine Member. Click here to find out more ways to gain AP

Is there a limit to the amount of tokens I can buy?

If you are a subscriber then no, However if you are a regular member the limit is 40 tickets

Please bare in mind that going inactive forfeits any tickets you purchase 

If you have any other questions be sure to message @Unseelie on Discord

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