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  • Beginner's Guide to Lunarix 


    How to Navigate Lunarix

    Lunarix’s forums are easily accessible, and are the beginning of all things happening in the community. In order to find everything you will want to access while in the community, you should start by heading to the Home page of the website.  Click the icon in the top left of the page (Lunarix's logo), and it will take you to the Home page. You can access different parts of the community here, such as the forums. You only need to scroll down and take a look and see what's happening!

    Once you’re there, if you scroll to the top of the page, there’s a bar that contains the Home page, Calendar, Members, and Rules. These are quite self-explanatory. If you want to find an event, you should head over to the Calendar and find one starting soon. To find the rules, head over to the Rules page, and everything you need will be right there.

    Activity Points:

    To put it plainly, Activity Points are the currency and measurement of activity in Lunarix. They display how active you are, as you earn them by attending events or by recruiting members . You get them per event, or per member you recruit. They are explained in depth under the “Activities & AP” section of the rules page. 


    What should you do as a brand new member in Lunarix?

    On joining, you should have been greeted by your Team Manager, Legend Manager, or your Legend Leader. They are there to ensure you are integrated into the community. However, you can always contact your recruiter to help answer any questions you might have of the community!

    One of the most important things you’ll want to do in Lunarix is attend events. They are scheduled “meet ups”, where people in the community will join to play games, watch movies, sing karaoke, and many other things! They are found under the “Calendar” section of the website. To find one to join, go to the Calendar, then select the game you’d like to play from the drop down list. You will then be taken to the Calendar of that game. Find one happening at a time where you can attend, and click on it.  All events are displayed in your timezone.

    The event description will tell you a few things about what’s happening in the event, and you’ll see you can click 3 buttons. “Going”, “Maybe”, or “Declined”. In order to attend, you need to click “Going” to get your AP.

    You are required to visit the forums at least once a week. Not doing so will result in being set to inactive and, effectively, kicked from Lunarix. 

    If you want to get more AP without attending events, you are free to join our Divine. You can subscribe directly on our home page. There are 3 tiers of Divine, differing on costs and benefits. 


    Read more about/Join the ranks of our Divine Members here!


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